Monday, January 9, 2017

Tom Sawyer, a missing bike and a new baby!

Hey ya'll, 

Yea so the huge flash flood rain storm everyone was talking about sucked. It was literally just like the weekly rain in Carolina. Everyone is a pansy out here about weather. Hits 90 with no humidity and it's too hot. Hits 50 and it's too cold. So the rain didn't effect me much at all. In other news, think I'm going to find someone to do my weekly emails for me so mom will be happy week in and week out. Think I'll just do "Tom Sawyer" it my whole mission. Someone else writes emails while I sit there. The Holy Ghost converts people while I just sit there. And, I get credit for both- it' will be awesome!

Here's what happened last week...

Monday - we had an awesome time gettin' pedicures. Elder Hack was hiding behind his iPad with an uncomfortable expression on his face as it was the first time he had ever had one. He said it was weird and his feet are now soft. I, as always, had an awesome time and thanked the lady many times. It was legit!

Tuesday - It was windy, cold, and rainy. I was not feeling well and had a headache. It was a rough day so I went to see mission momma, #mommaJohnson, and get some medicine. But, the work needs to go on, so I then went on splits which is always a blessing.

Wednesday - we did service for a 97 year old man by planting a palm tree in a cardboard box. We ate at Kong Fu Panda, or Panda Bear as King Cash calls it, or Panda Express as everyone else calls it.

Thursday - we did something very productive but I can't remember.

Friday - we played volleyball at the church in the evening.

Saturday - Elder Hack got his bike stolen! He's gonna have to borrow one from the mission and he's not too happy about it. His bike was right next to mine and they only took his ! We think it's because my bike is Shrek sized and his was fun sized.

Sunday-we went to church and one of our investigators had a baby (not at church.)

That's it - love ya'll,
Elder Barker

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