Monday, January 23, 2017

Helping people dig out of the Hollister flood, baptisms! and getting transfered

We have two baptism dates for this upcoming Saturday - Jose Fernandez and Kristina Elliott which is awesome. We didn't teach as much this week because we were helping families dig out of the flood that happened in Hollister - it was really bad.

Here's what I did last week....

Monday: P-Day! Wrote my mom a wonderful, long email....trying mom!

Tuesday: We did service all day for Hollister flood and landslide victims. I felt so bad for this one family we were helping dig out of the mud...we found their dead goats, pieces of their car and other things. There are still families that cannot return home and probably won't be able to any time soon.

Wednesday: We did more service for the flood and landslide victims before we had to go to San Jose for a "driving defensively" course. In the entire mission, there's only 3 "reckless drivers", and they're all in Hollister (we won't name names, Elders Hack, Azuara, and I would be upset if we did). So we had to go through a drivers safety course for over 3 hours.

Thursday: We did something productive and Momma Johnson cooked us tacos.....going to miss Momma Johnson and her family when I'm transferred!

Friday: We did awesome service and I had a play date with Elder Parker at Bass Pro Shop while our comps got some training.

Saturday: Today we went to a wedding! Jose got married so he can be baptized this coming Saturday. We are stoked for him! We found Jose when Brother Hughes (awesome Ward Mission Leader) and I were going through the less active list to see if we could speak with any of them.  Jose's wife was on this list (has been less active for 20 years) and she agreed to speak with us. Long story short, we began teaching her husband Jose and now he's getting baptized. They are a great couple and I'm so excited for them.

I found out that Tuesday I'm heading to the Los Altos and Eagle Park Wards, in Los Altos. Currently we teach an average of 7xs more lessons in Hollister than they do in Los Altos so we have our work cut out for us. It's definitely not Hollister, and I will most likely be reminded of that the whole time I'm there smh, but I'm sure I'll learn to love the area/people there as well.

Sunday: We went to church and said bye to a few families. I'm really going to miss the awesome people in Hollister and will always be grateful for all they did to help me get off to a good start on my mission.

Love ya,
Elder Barker
Jose and Debbie Fernandez' wedding day
Nordstoms and Sydall family - great people in Hollister!
Holdaway Family - more great Hollister people

Mudslide in Hollister - can you see Garrett?

Aftermath of Hollister flood

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