Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Stopped by the Police again!

Hey ya'll,

Been another great week...here's some of the stuff I did.

Monday- we went to Gilroy and later ate salmon at the Johnson's.

Tuesday- we got rained on and had an apartment inspection. We got rid of lots of stuff. We also went on splits.

Wednesday- very interesting day, I got pulled over for apparently being an aggressive driver. Totally false by the way, at the time I was being an excellent driver. The main reason I was pulled over was that the bike rack was blocking the license plate so I sawed it off. It was awesome! And, btw, didn't get a ticket.

Thursday- we had a zone conference. It's always good to meet with President Mella and other missionaries I don't see often. We also went on exchanges with a Vietnamese elder and ate Vietnamese food to help him feel more at home, just a little less communist. I did get to ride in a Hellcat (very fast car) with a Marriott! He told us that "it rains Marriott money in Morgan Hill". Maybe some day I'll get to figure out what that means.

Friday- I ate Asian buffet with the childhood BFF of Jim McMahon.

Saturday- Elder Hack bought a new bike at a very sketchy yard sale. He is super stoked to have a bike again! We ate chicken at the Elliot's and had whitetail at the Johnson's.....love the food here in Hollister!

Sunday- we went to church! 

I find out Saturday where I'm going for transfers on the 24th....will be interesting.
Love ya,
Elder Barker

Proof of the Hellcat ride

That is the policeman in the background

Just doing what the policeman told me to do

Successfully removed the bike rack

Helping Juliette Johnson try out a new product that she sells :-)

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