Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Teaching in Chinese, a Repentance story and Dub Nation

This was a good week, Missionary wise and normal person wise. First of all, I haven't taught a single lesson to anyone the past 3 weeks who learned English as their first language haha. But that might change soon cause we got a referral, and the word used to describe him was "elect"! We'll meet him this week. Apparently he's been talkingto missionaries online for a few weeks. 

Also this Chinese lady who has been looking for a church to join randomly came to church last Sunday. She has a Mormon friend who suggested she come. Luckily we have 3 people who served missions in China or Taiwan so they help us teach her. It also gives me a chance to flex my Chinese skills.  我不是好在中国. But it will improve!

Also someone I taught down in Hollister got baptized recently! Her name is Vickie and she is super cool. We also taught her husband and he was gonna get baptized too, but was thrown in jail the morning of his baptism. What a bummer. He was at his daughter’s wedding earlier in the week and she wanted to smoke weed with daddy one last time and he complied. Well he felt so bad about it he repented and felt like he need to tell his parole officer, so he did. Got thrown in jail a couple hours before  he and his wife's baptisms. Oh 🐳.  But he's been asking for copies of the Book of Mormon to give to his cell mates and buddies so good for him, gold star for missionary work ⭐️.

Other than that we've officially started pick-up basketball at the church every week and it's super fun. My
favorite comment this past week was "I never thought I'd get tricked into a Mormon church in my whole life". #GotEm. That guy is gonna give me a fresh cut soon so obviously he's not too mad. Other than that I
adopted the Philippino missionary in the district as my son so that's pretty exciting – he’s a great missionary.

And, Warriors just won it all so this area is bumping. Least amount of basketball I've watched my whole life, but being in the winning team’s area is pretty neat. All the bars are selling drinks half off around town so that's a plus too  (that includes sodas as well!)  Gotta love Dub Nation.

Until next week.
Love ya,

Elder Barker

Elder Deeter, Elder Andrade and Elder Barker at the Bay on Pday

Last week's Pday

Monday, June 5, 2017

Making DL Meetings Fun, Guest of Honor and Pink Blazers

Hey ya'll,
This week was really jacked up cause we had to go to the mission office three times for different reasons between a new missionary in the district and training. Also Elder Deeter had 2 other meetings outside our area so we only had one normal proselytizing day, and that was in a trio so it's been a weird, but fun week.

I had my first district meeting and my goal is to not have a boring one and week 1 was a success. We played scripture games and took turns doing commercial breaks, i.e the old Mormon commercials. Other than that we really didn't do much. We did convince the new missionary that I know black magic because of this magic trick I do and I think he's scared of me now. 

I went to Lekka's (Tonga) graduation and then his grad party where I was privileged to be a "guest of honor" and it was lit. Today for p-day, we're going bowling.  Oh, the attached video shows what happens when you lose a game called "what are the odds." I can't think of anything else to say so bye.

Elder Barker
ps - we saw the pink jackets in the store and just had to try them on
Guest of honor at Lekka's graduation party

District Meeting Fun

Seeing the Snows, taking the 17 mile drive and DL


This week was the last week of the transfer, it was aight. Our game
with the elders quorum got postponed until this Thursday (they're
scared) so that was a huge let down. Especially since Elder Finau in
our district got transferred and he was our PG. Oh well. Other than
that we went to Monterey today. Played a bunch of sports with the
Polynesian ward down there and also got to see Aunt Carisa, Uncle Kyle and Jared.
 took me out to lunch at this bomb Vietnamese restaurant. Then
Jared took us down 17 mile drive and showed us the courses and we
watched this scrub old lady putt from the tee box with her 7 iron (she
wasn't very good). Other than that it was a chill week. Met some cool
people got called as a DL and went to seminary graduation. Sorry for
not having anything interesting to talk about.

Love ya,
Elder Barker
Tonga Keti's seminary graduation