Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Dear everybody,

My mom is forcing me against my will to write something semi long - I'm just not good at emails, but I'll try...I'll break it down into days so it looks longer than it really is.....I didn't include all the lessons we taught, that's a given.

This week was good, but then again, most of my weeks are good. I'm really learning to love the people I serve which makes it easier to have a good week.

Tuesday - just another day at the office. We talked to both of the people have scheduled for baptism. Jose (Jan 28) and Kristina (feb 4).  Kristina (wife of the less active I've told you about) is really excited to be baptized, so excited that when we met to meet with her to plan her baptism, she already had it done! Kristina and her family went to Utah over Christmas and while they were there they visited BYU. They told me they saw this cool picture of Cosmo on the stairs (see pic). Well they were talkin about how awesome it was and come to find out, that it's the picture  my sister Julia put on the staircase when she was working there. So now they think our family is cool.

I actually will be doing the baptism for Jose. I'll be transferred before both those dates, but I'll be able to come down for both of them so it's an excuse to come back to Hollister and leave whatever forsaken area I'll be transferred to.....ok, I need to be more positive about my next area, I just love Hollister that much.

Wednesday - we had Zone Conference in Monterey so nothing happened as far as lessons being taught. It's always good to hear from President Mella and get more energized about the work.

Thursday - idk I'm sure something Christlike

Friday - went to the temple with some recent converts. The Oakland temple is really beautiful and it's always a cool experience to visit.

Saturday - New Year's Eve was fun. We went to Chris's (a recent convert who I was able to help teach) house, had a bonfire and had fun setting stuff on fire. Mom - don't worry, it was all legit. Chris says he's gong to come visit NC when I get home which will be cool.

Sunday - Now that our church time has changed to 12:30, it'll be easier to get investigators to come,  but harder to teach lessons on Sundays. We had a New Year's day barbecue that night and it was super fun.

Pictures - 
1 - Cash and me....Cash is a real cool kid
2 and 3 - New Year's Eve bonfire
4 - Picture of Cosmo that Julia did
5 - Us at the Oakland Temple
6 and 7 - Taking care of the feet on P-day - it was awesome!

Hope everyone has a great new year. I look forward to seeing what 2017 brings here on the mission.
Love ya'll,
Elder Barker
Cash and Elder Barker
New Year's Eve bonfire at Chris'

Elder Hack, Chris and me
Kristina's family and others at the Cosmo stairs at BYU

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