Monday, September 26, 2016

Ipad and UT...

So this week was awesome, and I think y'all know why... TENNESSEE BEAT FLORIDA FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 11 YEARS! HECK YES!! I literally freaked out when I saw that. I might or might not have gone through a house and happened to watch the highlights and might've accidentally told them to rewind it so I could see it again. 

Also i got my Ipad which is awesome. It makes missionary work easier cause I don't have to carry so much stuff around, I just carry the Ipad. I can also watch conference talks just about whenever I want. Other than that it's been a slow week. I don't know what else to talk about other than I've been singing Rocky Top all weekend. 

Oh, I do have a bet with Elder Methvin. There are these massive burritos in Gilroy, and the bet is to see if I can eat 2 of them (Elder Methvin couldn't even finish one). If I do, Methvin will give me a predetermined cash amount. If I lose, he gets Katie. It's not really a bet because I know I'll be able to eat the two burritos so Katie is safe. I'll send pictures of the eating contest when it happens. 

Good news - Madison's baptism is this Saturday. Madison is really excited and so are Methvin and I.

See y'all,
Elder Barker
Must have killed Garrett to not watch this whole game - only those who know him will understand!

Garrett in a semi truck....why? Who knows?

Monday, September 19, 2016

The New Bike!


So this week was really good, i don't have much to write tho. I had to buy a freaking bike because the one the mission gave me was awful as it randomly changed gears on me and the rear brakes didn't work. I bought the cheapest bike at the store, but it still cost a lot.  I just don't think there are many things in my life that I like that are worth as much as the bike cost!

Also Bryna, someone from the ward who has helped us out a lot with teaching investigators, left for college. That kinda sucks, but her family threw this big going-away BBQ with the best food I've had on my mission so far, no contest.

We have 3 baptismal dates and are teaching I don't even know how many people, so we are constantly busy. Transfers are tomorrow and it's crazy to think I've already been out here for that long - time is flying. The best news about transfers finally rolling around is that I get my Ipad this week! Life is going to be so much easier once I get that. I feel like a neanderthal not having technology attached to me constantly. I dont understand how my parents lived in the primitive world before Apple - hah!

I can't believe I'm missing the Tennessee Florida game this Saturday. I'm a pretty obedient missionary, but I might be eating lunch at a restaurant that might possibly have a few tv's in there. I heard the Titans won so they are already more promising than they were last year. Sorry I don't have more to say this week and I only have one picture - sorry mom.

Love y'all
Elder Barker
Elder Barker's new bike

Monday, September 12, 2016

Ducks Unlimited, Paint ball and still working hard

Hey all, 
Another successful week in Hollister. We had 21 new investigators this week so that was awesome again. It's getting kinda hard to schedule all them in but we make it work. 

I was able to go to a Ducks Unlimited dinner which is a Duck Dynasty restaurant. They have games and I got a hat that came with a duck call and a sticker. It was so much fun being in a big room with all those rednecks, and, I almost won a gun! Other than that it was just another good week. 

I might get to baptize someone in the ocean which would be awesome and I learned that the sisters can't park(no surprise there - see photo). 

This morning we played paintball and it was awesome! We played like 8 games. I only got shot once and each game I shot 1-4 people, so VMI is finally paying off. Tennessee is 2-0 and ranked in the top 10, so miracles do happen for serving a mission. 

Also this old lady (like 80's) liked my style so she gave me a hat that says off duty model (see photo). I don't have the picture from paintball yet, but when I get it I'll send it. Also, when i get in trouble (not really, just a joke) my dad (Elder Methvin my trainer) sends me to the corner, so that's what that picture is. 

Love y'all!
Elder Barker
Picture sent from Juliet - her family took the Elders to dinner at Ducks Unlimited

Sister's park job

Sitting in his corner

Who knows?

Hat from 80 year old lady that says "Model Off Duty"and some crazy apron

Monday, September 5, 2016

Working hard and puppies!


So this week was super awesome. It was the second week in a row Methvin and I led the mission in Investigators found, lessons taught, and Investigators attending sacrament meeting. President Mella actually sent us a text that was positive and congratulatory. 

I bore my testimony yesterday and I freaking used my first name so now half the ward is calling me Garrett because they think it's funny. Oh whale. 

We are about to set a baptismal date with one of our investigators Madison, and she's super prepared. She has been looking for a church that has prophets, doesn't baptize infants, and shares the same ideas as our Plan of Salvation. Literally Methvin and I had to do like 0 work. Her biggest issue right now is realizing she cant hug us. I literally punched her in the arm the other day because she tried to hug me. I stuck out my hand to shake, and she kept coming... this was in the chapel after sacrament meeting. So all the ward members think I just don't know any rules of the mission. Again, oh whale. 

We're always super busy because of all the lessons we teach, but that's not a bad problem to have. I got a hair cut but I don't have a picture so I'll let your guys imagination run wild on what it looks like. Also I've set up pick-up lacrosse every Monday with the high school team so that's really fun - only like 2 are members, so I think imma have a lesson with 20ish investigators today. That'll be super interesting. 

All is well tho, Hollister is awesome and I really don't wanna get transferred but that won't be till like new years so that's good. Also only one more P-day till i get my Ipad!!!​​​​ 

Also these puppies below were being offered to us for free, so I called the AP's (Assistant to the President) to ask if i could have them, but they said no :(

Elder Barker