Monday, September 5, 2016

Working hard and puppies!


So this week was super awesome. It was the second week in a row Methvin and I led the mission in Investigators found, lessons taught, and Investigators attending sacrament meeting. President Mella actually sent us a text that was positive and congratulatory. 

I bore my testimony yesterday and I freaking used my first name so now half the ward is calling me Garrett because they think it's funny. Oh whale. 

We are about to set a baptismal date with one of our investigators Madison, and she's super prepared. She has been looking for a church that has prophets, doesn't baptize infants, and shares the same ideas as our Plan of Salvation. Literally Methvin and I had to do like 0 work. Her biggest issue right now is realizing she cant hug us. I literally punched her in the arm the other day because she tried to hug me. I stuck out my hand to shake, and she kept coming... this was in the chapel after sacrament meeting. So all the ward members think I just don't know any rules of the mission. Again, oh whale. 

We're always super busy because of all the lessons we teach, but that's not a bad problem to have. I got a hair cut but I don't have a picture so I'll let your guys imagination run wild on what it looks like. Also I've set up pick-up lacrosse every Monday with the high school team so that's really fun - only like 2 are members, so I think imma have a lesson with 20ish investigators today. That'll be super interesting. 

All is well tho, Hollister is awesome and I really don't wanna get transferred but that won't be till like new years so that's good. Also only one more P-day till i get my Ipad!!!​​​​ 

Also these puppies below were being offered to us for free, so I called the AP's (Assistant to the President) to ask if i could have them, but they said no :(

Elder Barker

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