Monday, September 19, 2016

The New Bike!


So this week was really good, i don't have much to write tho. I had to buy a freaking bike because the one the mission gave me was awful as it randomly changed gears on me and the rear brakes didn't work. I bought the cheapest bike at the store, but it still cost a lot.  I just don't think there are many things in my life that I like that are worth as much as the bike cost!

Also Bryna, someone from the ward who has helped us out a lot with teaching investigators, left for college. That kinda sucks, but her family threw this big going-away BBQ with the best food I've had on my mission so far, no contest.

We have 3 baptismal dates and are teaching I don't even know how many people, so we are constantly busy. Transfers are tomorrow and it's crazy to think I've already been out here for that long - time is flying. The best news about transfers finally rolling around is that I get my Ipad this week! Life is going to be so much easier once I get that. I feel like a neanderthal not having technology attached to me constantly. I dont understand how my parents lived in the primitive world before Apple - hah!

I can't believe I'm missing the Tennessee Florida game this Saturday. I'm a pretty obedient missionary, but I might be eating lunch at a restaurant that might possibly have a few tv's in there. I heard the Titans won so they are already more promising than they were last year. Sorry I don't have more to say this week and I only have one picture - sorry mom.

Love y'all
Elder Barker
Elder Barker's new bike

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