Monday, September 26, 2016

Ipad and UT...

So this week was awesome, and I think y'all know why... TENNESSEE BEAT FLORIDA FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 11 YEARS! HECK YES!! I literally freaked out when I saw that. I might or might not have gone through a house and happened to watch the highlights and might've accidentally told them to rewind it so I could see it again. 

Also i got my Ipad which is awesome. It makes missionary work easier cause I don't have to carry so much stuff around, I just carry the Ipad. I can also watch conference talks just about whenever I want. Other than that it's been a slow week. I don't know what else to talk about other than I've been singing Rocky Top all weekend. 

Oh, I do have a bet with Elder Methvin. There are these massive burritos in Gilroy, and the bet is to see if I can eat 2 of them (Elder Methvin couldn't even finish one). If I do, Methvin will give me a predetermined cash amount. If I lose, he gets Katie. It's not really a bet because I know I'll be able to eat the two burritos so Katie is safe. I'll send pictures of the eating contest when it happens. 

Good news - Madison's baptism is this Saturday. Madison is really excited and so are Methvin and I.

See y'all,
Elder Barker
Must have killed Garrett to not watch this whole game - only those who know him will understand!

Garrett in a semi truck....why? Who knows?

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