Monday, August 29, 2016

The Police and Bishop Gerrald Causse'

Sup y'all,
This week was really good, even tho I was super sick. At least once a minute my stomach would like cramp up so bad I couldn’t even talk. Along with that was constant nausea and a splitting headache. I thought it was zika virus (jk) so I knew it wasn’t serious. After like 4 days it just randomly went away. It's funny tho, every time I would teach a lesson, I felt fine like nothing was wrong. Power of prayer/spirit is super real, I proved it last week with that!
 We actually got stopped by police because apparently some people in the neighborhood we were walking through thought we were trying to break into cars and houses. The cop pulled up behind us with his lights and siren on. I tried giving him a Book of Mormon, but apparently he wasn’t very interested in salvation at the time, Oh well.
Also this week, Bishop Causse (I think that's how you spell it, he's a Frenchman so whatevs) came and talked to our mission on how to better find and teach people for like 2.5 hours. He's so flippin’ smart. I got to see all my MTC buddies at the conference so that was cool. It was in Menlo Park, a super nice area. We all went to East Palo Alto (ghetto) to get this awesome authentic burrito afterwards; so worth it. I saw like 5 stolen google bikes lol.
 Also, Gilroy had a luau this week, and you were only allowed to go if you brought a non-member to it. So we brought three families haha. It was super cool - some dude was like juggling and swallowing fire. I have some pictures from that, they're just super dark because apparently people in California in silicon Valley have not developed a "flash" feature on their phone – crazy, right?
Also I found a family that all play lax, and I get to go play for like 2 or 3 hours later today. Any ways, thank you to all who have been sending messages and packages, they really help a lot. They remind me how much better the east coast is than the west coast (sorry mom).
Yours truly,@Big_Fly_55​

 Elder Barker & Elder Methvin at the Gilroy Luau
I received this picture from Sister Andrea Hughes of the Hollister Ward

Zone Conference August 2016

California San Jose Mission with Bishop Gerald Causse (Garrett is in the middle of the left third of the picture)

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