Monday, August 22, 2016

A Week of Service

Sup y'all

So this week was full of service which made it easy. Methvin and I have trimmed just about every tree in Hollister it feels like. If this whole college thing doesn't work out then imma just cut trees the rest of my life. We had some lady tell us Jesus Christ was Satan's son, so that was interesting. Other than that it was a pretty chill week. 

The A's fan chose baseball over salvation so he wasn't at church Sunday. We rescheduled his baptism but he just can't get past his Catholic church even though he doesn't like it. I'm just super confused by the whole situation. We meet a lot of people because we don't knock any doors in SJO so we just go contacting which is walking around until we find someone to talk to. This way we don't get doors slammed on us or dogs chasing after us, it's pretty legit. 

Methvin and the people of Hollister are turning me into a true country boy. I've eaten more Elk than beef this past week and I'm not complaining. Elder Misrasi from Gilroy and I tried buying a blow dart gun, but they can't ship it to Cali so maybe if someone back home loves me (hint hint wink wink mom) I might get one in the mail. I still miss NC, but Hollister is about as close to the south as you're gonna get over here. don't really know what else to write, sooo...

Love ,
Elder Barker

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