Monday, October 24, 2016

Methvin Tie Cutting and More Great Food!

This week has been pretty stressful. Will and Brandy's baptism date was pushed
back to this Saturday so we are putting a lot of focus on them. We've
been having daily contact with them and so many other things. I
actually bought them a cake on their anniversary - a flipping cake!
We brought it to them and they weren't home so it melted. Now
there's a melted/frozen cake sitting in our freezer that we still need to
take to them. I didn't know it was possible to put so much work in for
one couple of investigators. Close to 10 hours a week, but they are definitely worth it.

Other than that Itried fondue for the first time this week at the Bruicks!! It was soooo good. 
We put oil in the fondue pot and stuck pices of chicken, steak, shrimp,
scallop, and potatoes on little sticks and fried them. I was in heaven and slept the best
sleep of my whole mission that night. 
Whenever I eat at the Bruicks house I always
leave super happy. 

The next day I had another BBQ with the Johnsons and had beef
deer and the really good cheesy potatoes so food wise it's been the
best weekend of my mission by far. 

Elder Methvin goes home a week from Tuesday so at district meeting this week I "killed him."
Whenever a 
missionary goes home, his last comp cuts their tie in half
with this machete knife we have. Because it's Mathvins last week, we're really
pushing hard so he can go out with a bang. When he leaves there's
a chance I could be training. Methvin is saying this so we'll see
how in tune he is with the spirit. 

The Primary program was Sunday so that is always good. We taught Gospel
Principles after sac meeting but only 4 
elderly sisters were in the class so we just sat
in a circle and 
talked about "back in there day". It was interesting because they
were even older than my mom it was crazy! 

We got to wrestle Mark and the other elders Friday so that's always fun. I got Banks stuck pretty
good and that was great cause Banks can literally bench the gym so I felt like he-man. Mark
thought it was amusing so he video taped a snip.

Today we went hiking which was cool. The pic of two Elders (Joyner and Adams) and me was
 cause we are all from the south.

Well, that's it. Love you all!
Elder Barker
Cutting Elder Methvin's tie before he goes home next week
Tie cutting  

P-day Hike

Elders from the south - Joyer, Barker and Adams

Elder Barker wrestling Elder Banks

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