Monday, October 31, 2016

New Opportunity and More Trucks...

Hey y'all

This week was crazy busy with it being Methvin's last week. Imma miss Elder Methvin - he's been great. Our baptism wedding didn't pan out, but we still got a lot done last week.

Someone that I helped teach a few times on exchanges got baptized! That was exciting, Hector is a great guy. It was great seeing him and the fact that he considered me one of the missionaries who was part of his conversion meant a lot to me. Other than that we found some more trucks to add to the list, an International and a Mack (see pics). 

Oh also I got called to be a trainer for a new missionary. I'll get to meet him Thursday. It's weird training a missionary when I just finished my own training but oh 🐳. I also am getting a mini missionary for 2 weeks starting Tuesday when Methvin leaves. A mini missionary is basically a kid who doesn't know if he wants to serve a mission or not so he's gonna try it out for 2 weeks. The mini missionary will be my only companion for 2 days, so he'll definitely get a taste of missionary work haha. 

Hollister is about to be the greenest area of all time. I'm in my third transfer as of Tuesday, my new comp will be in his first transfer, and we'll have a mini missionary who doesn't even know what a transfer is. My goal is to give the mini missionary a baptism opportunity. Don't know if that's possible, but I will do my best and with the Lord's help, you never know.

Love y'all,
Elder Barker
Hector's Baptism

Another picture from Santa Cruz's P-day a few weeks back

Another truck....

and ANOTHER truck....

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