Monday, June 5, 2017

Seeing the Snows, taking the 17 mile drive and DL


This week was the last week of the transfer, it was aight. Our game
with the elders quorum got postponed until this Thursday (they're
scared) so that was a huge let down. Especially since Elder Finau in
our district got transferred and he was our PG. Oh well. Other than
that we went to Monterey today. Played a bunch of sports with the
Polynesian ward down there and also got to see Aunt Carisa, Uncle Kyle and Jared.
 took me out to lunch at this bomb Vietnamese restaurant. Then
Jared took us down 17 mile drive and showed us the courses and we
watched this scrub old lady putt from the tee box with her 7 iron (she
wasn't very good). Other than that it was a chill week. Met some cool
people got called as a DL and went to seminary graduation. Sorry for
not having anything interesting to talk about.

Love ya,
Elder Barker
Tonga Keti's seminary graduation

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