Monday, June 5, 2017

Making DL Meetings Fun, Guest of Honor and Pink Blazers

Hey ya'll,
This week was really jacked up cause we had to go to the mission office three times for different reasons between a new missionary in the district and training. Also Elder Deeter had 2 other meetings outside our area so we only had one normal proselytizing day, and that was in a trio so it's been a weird, but fun week.

I had my first district meeting and my goal is to not have a boring one and week 1 was a success. We played scripture games and took turns doing commercial breaks, i.e the old Mormon commercials. Other than that we really didn't do much. We did convince the new missionary that I know black magic because of this magic trick I do and I think he's scared of me now. 

I went to Lekka's (Tonga) graduation and then his grad party where I was privileged to be a "guest of honor" and it was lit. Today for p-day, we're going bowling.  Oh, the attached video shows what happens when you lose a game called "what are the odds." I can't think of anything else to say so bye.

Elder Barker
ps - we saw the pink jackets in the store and just had to try them on
Guest of honor at Lekka's graduation party

District Meeting Fun

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