Monday, March 20, 2017

New District Pet and Styling a Lava Lava

Hey ya'll,

This week was good. Today marks 8 months on my mission so I'm a third of the way there. So last week I had good BBQ for the first time my whole mission. The family was from Texas and Louisiana, so they have some county in em. They did Carolina style because they knew no one out here can handle a smoker. It wasn't as good as the east coast, but it was close enough to where I was honest this time when I said the pork was good (first time in my mission). 

Also I caught a salamander and so now we have a district pet. His name is Randle and it's probably the most exciting thing to happen to me the past two months. The issue is every single night this week when we got back to the apartment he had escaped and we'd have to find him. I don't know why he keeps trying to run away, his diet is leftover pizza milk and water so I'd trade places with him any day. I spoil him rotten. 

But on another note we had a referral that actually was interested. We've seen him twice and both times he couldn't talk because Mexican soccer was on and apparently that's more important than his salvation. But he said there wasn't anything he wanted to watch Tuesday night so we're gonna see him then. We're also excited to teach the family from Delaware we met at church last week - they're back from their vacation. Looks like this week will be another good one. 

Also the Tongan family that I've gotten close with is letting me use lava lava's whenever I want. And needless to say I look a lot better than my sisters in a dress. I'll end it on that note.

Elder Barker
Randle - the District Pet

Elder Andrade with Randle

Modeling the lava-lava

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