Monday, February 6, 2017

Week of Service: Feeding the homeless and shoveling mulch

Greetings from Mountain View,

Had a good week. I forgot to tell you that we watched a broadcast last month that talked about changes in the mission. Basically we have more free time on p-day and in the nights. It seems like we honestly have less accountability as we now only report 4 things - not a big deal, I'll still keep doing what I've been doing.

You asked about my comp - he's laid back and a great guy and I'm really happy he's my comp. Here's what we did last week.
Monday - P-day! We played basketball. 

Tuesday - Today we had our first district meeting today. We started to meet a lot of people in the area which is exciting

Wednesday - We fed some homeless people and gave a couple of them our numbers. It was awesome, but now they won't stop calling us and asking for KFC.  

Thursday - We shoveled mulch in the "rain storm" for 2 hours! Ok, it wasn't a "rain storm" but it was drizzling. The west is soft

Friday - Today we fed the homeless people again.

Saturday - We biked soooooo much today, the most I've biked on my mission so far. It was a good day though. 

Sunday - Poor Elder Gartside, I caught him napping again at church and I missed the Super Bowl for the first time in 19 years :-(

Love ya'll,
Elder Barker

Elder Gartside in the back, Edler Finau in the front

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