Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Letter One! - from the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah

Ok first week down. The experience you can't really describe spiritually so I won't try. My companion is named Elder Shipley, and he's helping me a lot coming out of my shell in terms of meeting new people and being open. I FINALLY have to do my own laundry which really sucks, but its about time i figured it out (which i did). I'm really homesick tho because Utah sucks and the South is so much better. Everyone thinks i have a country accent and I just remember how foreign this state really is. 

Elder Yeoman was right, the people who play basketball here aren't that good so they made rules for me
1. no posting up
2. can't shoot open shots
3. can't score twice in a row.
Oh well, it's not that serious anyways. 

It may sound like humility hasn't been pushed so far, but it really has. So Elder Ship and I got called as Zone Leaders the 3rd day here and I've already had missionaries talk to me about stuff that makes me realize how easy I've had it my whole life. 

Also, you can't watch it because it's an MTC thing, but if you can find Bednar's talk "The Character of Christ" it's really awesome. Mom I'm staying in the Erastus Snow building, am I related? I took a pretty swag pic of me in front of the sign just in case. 

In case you were wondering if what I'm doing is easy or simple, my first true investigator is talking to us only as a favor for a friend, is Buddhist, and refuses to accept that there is only one God. So there's that. I hope these pictures make it because I heard sometimes they don't. Please continue praying for me and the rest of the full time missionaries. I promise we feel your love wherever we are in the world. Love you all! thanks for all you've done for me, I didn't deserve it.

Much Love, the cutest missionary ever,
Elder Barker

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