Monday, December 12, 2016

A HOT Week!

Hey y'all. This week was good. We were able to teach 27 lessons, not including members, so we're staying busy which is always a good thing. The highlight of the week was getting to hear Elder Bednar and Elder Cook speak - it was really awesome. The things I remember most about Elder Bednar's talk are 1) The gift of revelation through the spirit is super real, not only for us but also our investigators, 2) Often the "culture" of the Church can impede one's progress in the gospel and 3) "The mind and the heart can only understand what the rear end can endure".  After Elder Bednar's talk I got to go to the temple and ran into my Uncle Kyle, Aunt Carisa and cousin Jared which was very cool. We didn't get to go in the temple because it was closed, but Uncle Kyle took us out to dinner in Chinatown which was awesome.

Transfers are this Tuesday  and my 3 of best friends in the zone are getting transferred - I'll really miss them. I'll be in Hollister for another 6 weeks then I'll be gone as well. 

So there's a member family, who I've gotten real close with - the Holdaways. They don't hold back on the heat when it comes to hot sauces. The dad, the 12 year old son, and I are always trying the new stuff the dad brings home. This week he brought in this really good stuff that contained Carolina reapers, habeneros, and jalapeƱos. We normally handle everything pretty well that he brings home, but this week we each took a spoonful of this  stuff and it felt like " edited by Kim!" in my mouth. I can do some really hot things, but this lit me up. The son ended up not eating the spoonful afterall, but the dad and I were sweating so much. I hadn't sweated that hard since hell week at VMI! Our chest was burning for at least 20 minutes. The hot sauce flavor was sooooo good, but I won't be eating any more spoonfuls of this stuff. I'll get a picture to send later. 

Two weeks ago we "got to" sing in a missionary choir at the 32nd Annual Morgan Hill Interfaith Community Christmas Concert. My mom has some pictures from that that she can include.  I don't know when I'll be able to call yet on Christmas, but I'll let you know. On the 23rd, the Hollister Ward goes to San Jose and has this big event that includes breakfast and lunch and a talent show - should be fun.

Hope everyone is doing well.
Love ya'll,
Elder Barker

Kyle Snow and Elder Barker at the Oakland Temple

Jared, Elder Hack, Elder Barker, Kyle and Carisa Snow

32nd Annual Morgan Hill Interfaith Community Christmas Concert

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